Where It All Began

How Bout Us?

For the beauty that lasts! Bout To Wear is curated with the idea of building a brand that makes the clothing experience close to your heart. Made for every fierce and fun-loving woman who loves to celebrate each flaw that makes them unique. 

We are the makers of shimmers and exquisite designs starting with the idea to make luxury clothing easy and affordable to women of all body types. An inspiration for each to embrace their curves, own their femininity, and be unapologetically themselves.

It's how we make them

Bout To Wear's innovative designers are dedicated to creating stunning statement pieces that are expertly moulded from priceless, hand-selected materials, specialises in corset tops and evening dresses that elegantly hug every curve and draw attention to the most alluring characteristics. Our creations are a beautiful symphony of craftsmanship and elegance that empowers women to emit an alluring air of confidence and seductiveness, guaranteeing that they both feel and look absolutely magnificent. 

In order to obtain stunning designs with the least amount of waste, we ethically produce the clothing in-house in small batches. Each item is thoroughly inspected before it is delivered to the consumer. 

Our believes 

When a garment is designed to function well, its inherent beauty goes beyond simple aesthetics. We focus on fusing excellent design with remarkable fit to produce products that will turn into your timeless wardrobe staple. We stand to provide the best quality products to the customers, ensuring the best value for the products they pay for. 

We exist to provide high quality trend-driven clothing at affordable prices.